What is a Life Group?

Grace Point has four primary pathways to train in Kingdom Living. Each one complements and feeds the others. A Life Group is a small group of friends that get together regularly (usually weekly) to have fun, develop closer relationships, and to challenge each other to grow in their walk with Christ. They are a vital component in fulfilling our vision of discipleship at Grace Point. We have a variety of Life Groups at Grace Point, including those designed for adults, singles, middle schoolers and high schoolers.

Why is a Life Group Important?

We believe that Christians do not grow in isolation. We need others around us so we can “know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, celebrate and be celebrated”. We need friends to pick us up when we fall down, encourage us when we want to give up, and challenge us when we get lazy. These relationships stretch us, strengthen us, and form the bonds that are vital to our spiritual growth. 

When these bonds are strong, our connection to the Church is deeper than when we participate only in Sunday morning worship services. Many lament that churches feel “too big” or “too impersonal”. Life Groups provide a way to be closely connected to the Body of Christ no matter the size of the congregation.

Current Life Groups at Grace Point 

Below you'll find all of our adult and student Life Groups. You can use the filters at the top fo the page to narrow your search by the type of Life Group, the day of the week, etc. If you'd like more information on one or more Groups, simply click the "Email Leader(s)" link.

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